A Pause in the Eye of the Storm

A Pause in the Eye of the Storm

The past couple of weeks (and the next couple, for that matter) have been (and will be) the most active professional and personal periods in my life that I can remember in many years.  Reminds me very much of when I began Sumner Systems Management some dozen years ago.

I’m in process of delivering one high profile gaming app today and starting the second in a set of deliverables due next Friday.  I’m also in the middle of a sixty day engagement with a local web services company that processes millions of transactions a month for medical insurance eligibility, doing a ton of .NET work and learning the ways of (yet another) corporate customer, that while unique in many respects is exactly like every other big company I have done work for.  Enjoyable, but predictable in many respects.

Aside from that, we close on our existing house two weeks from today and close the following day on the house we are buying in Winter Park (Orlando), FL.  Which means a bunch of packing, moving wife, children, belongings, and livelihood 750 miles – all in the all-too-very-near future.

All of this activity has given me pause for reflection on how very fortunate I am for the following:

  • Having a wife and sons who love me even though I have been entirely absent for the most part the last two weeks, and have not been my normal lovable self,
  • Knowing and working with extremely talented and personable people
  • Having work to do, and having the work be both challenging and informative

Quite honestly, the past 20 minutes that I have spent writing this blurb is the longest span of time – other than eating and sleeping – that I have used for something other than billable work in recent memory.

I know that my life is out of balance at the moment, but it is for a very good cause – “storing away the nuts for winter” as it were for the move South and all the things that go along with relocating a family and a business.

I can feel myself growing – even at my advanced age – through this process: professionally, personally, and – dare I utter it? – spiritually.

When we left Florida in 2005, it was immediately following the hurricane season that saw four major storms hit the state – three of which travelled right over where I happened to be at the time.  The analogy of the chaos, noise, and turmoil of those storms – and the false quiet when the storm bands pass – are a great analogy of the place I happen to find myself at the moment.  Time to reflect, but not safe to go outside and relax until the storm totally passes.

I’m looking forward to rejoining the human race in a few weeks.  And seeing what it looks like after the latest storm has passed.

One thought on “A Pause in the Eye of the Storm

  1. That is a lot on your plate, David, but you are handling with grace. Looking forward to seeing the launch of your new apps, photo’s of your new digs, and your return to life-as-you-knew-it!

    Blessings today~


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