I’ll be a little scarce in the coming weeks

I’ll be a little scarce in the coming weeks

The coming weeks will be very busy for me.

We are in the process of moving from Nashville to Orlando, FL and along with all of the fun things that accompany a cross-country move, I also have to do a little something I like to call “work.”

In fact, my banker is sorta insisting that I continue this thing called work.

Anywho, what all of this means is that I am pretty much double and triple booked on paying gigs for the next several weeks to the extent that I might be a little – or a lot – more scarce here in the wilds of Social Media.

Fish gotta swim, bird gotta eat as Nigel says in Finding Nemo.

I’ll try to post Utterz and Photos when I can, but it may be a little thin between substantive posts until the World Wide Corporate Headquarters of Sumner Systems Management has been relocated to its new home down South.

UPDATE 6/29: We signed a contract on our current home here in Nashville last evening and are now putting the pressure on our Realtor in Orlando to really kick things into gear. Still showing the house in the event (hope?) that we will get a backup / fallback offer should the deal fall apart before closing in early August. But that’s a different problem for a different day.

UPDATE 6/29 10:45PM – we received a second offer this evening on the house. We have signed a counter offer, so now it is a race to see which signed counter (along with an earnest money check) arrives back to us first.

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