Process to Proficiency

Process to Proficiency

What you will find, in actual practice, is that not every programming problem needs or deserves the full brunt of whatever team management process you currently subscribe to.

300 Words, 2 Minutes


Every developer is different.

Some sit and stare until inspiration strikes out of the blue. Some talk over problems and solutions with their colleagues. While still others put on their earbuds and proceed to get biz-zay.

What they all have in common is a process by which they approach their work. Proficiency doesn’t occur by accident; it occurs through a systematic application of your craft.

Why is process important?

Because without process, you can’t predictably project when any given engagement will complete. Without process, there is no reliable and repeatable way to communicate what you will do, how you will do it, or how others will sync up with your work.

Now, whether you call this project management, or methodology, or simply your mojo, it’s all the same – you need a consistent programming practice, a method to your madness.

Test Driven Development. Agile. SCRUM. Waterfall. ITIL. All of these methodologies…

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