Stop the Bouncy UIWebViews!

Stop the Bouncy UIWebViews!

If you’ve ever used UIWebView inside of any iPhone app, one of the more unique – and some would say, annoying – behaviors of the embedded web view is that it “bounces” when pulled down, exposing a gray background and letting your users know that “hey – this guy is using a web view!

There is an answer to the “bouncy” web view problem. Actually, there are two (2) answers to the “bouncy” web view problem. Since one uses an undocumented call and will therefore get your app “bounced” from the App Store (sorry for the bad pun), I won’t include it here.

The answer that ** won’t ** get your app declined but ** will ** stop the bouncing may be found below:

// Stop the bounces
UIScrollView* sv = nil;
for(UIView* v in myWebView.subviews){
  if([v isKindOfClass:[UIScrollView class] ]){
    sv = (UIScrollView*) v;
    sv.scrollEnabled = YES;
    sv.bounces = NO;

This will still allow your web view to scroll, but won’t “bounce” when you try to pull the view up or down outside of its given bounds. If you also want to stop scrolling, simply change the sv.scrollEnabled line to NO.


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