What I’m Thankful For

What I’m Thankful For

Over twenty-three years ago I married my wonderful wife, Melissa.

She has been poor with me, and not-so-poor with me, and every step in between.

We have laughed and cried together.

We’ve enjoyed amazing highs and suffered personal loss together.

In fact, I can say without a doubt every good thing that has ever happened in my life – my career, our sons, being the person I am today – I owe in large part to her.

She is the one truly great decision I’ve made in my life.

And for this I am most thankful.

One thought on “What I’m Thankful For

  1. Awww…I’m a sucker for real life love stories. I can’t wait to write the same, though you’ve got 12 years ahead of @bikegeek & I — 11 years married as of 12-12-09. However, we were together (best friends) for 10 years prior to marrying, so technically we have been together for 22 years. Time flies when you’re having fun! I am most thankful for him in my life, as well. Thanks for sharing that!

    A pleasure to meet you at the STS-129 Tweetup, BTW. Love your vids. Really captures the moments.


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