Orion EFT-1 : It’s a BFD

Orion EFT-1 : It’s a BFD


I’m at NASA Johnson Space Center for a #NASASocial event for the #Orion EFT-1 Test Launch tomorrow morning (12/4/2014) at “dark thirty” (7:05 EST).

NASA Director Charlie Bolden said today that “Orion EFT-1 is a BFD.” You can truly sense the excitement that this new flight system is bringing back to NASA.

I will be posting much media later in the day… the fine Public Affairs folks at NASA are keeping us hopping; I hope to share more, when they let us up for air!

2014-12-03 11.00.52-12014-12-03 10.31.342014-12-03 10.41.16 HDR-12014-12-03 09.40.26-12014-12-03 09.22.282014-12-03 09.21.57-12014-12-03 09.31.05-12014-12-03 07.47.42-12014-12-03 07.53.50 HDR-22014-12-02 20.02.46-1B38yzOzCMAAAWuc

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