It’s the little things.

It’s the little things.

Each Tuesday night, I spend 4 or 5 hours playing with a group of local musicians in a small, concrete block room.

We’re not particularly adept. Our music isn’t all that fresh. And many of us play the same songs every week. Over. And over.

And over, again.

One of the songs that is played with great regularity is an old John Denver classic, “Back Home Again.”

For me, the line that always strikes true in the song is the verse: “it’s the little things, that make a house, a home.

Last week, I took a snapshot, while working at my kitchen table. In the shot is a wealth of experiences that my family and I have shared together these past twenty-eight years together.

Kitchen Office

To outsiders, they mean nothing. But to us, every object holds the story of how it came to be in our home. And in our lives.

It’s the little things…

The tiles from the Mercer museum. Our cat from Florida. The paintings from friends on the wall. The keyholder from Bavaria. The sofa from a neighbor. Our table from a grandmother.

… that make a house, a home.

I think about what my sons will remember about our home, when they are starting homes of their own.

It may be their grumpy old man. Or their loving and patient mother.

Or, it may be some inconsequential tchotchke that they stare at, before dropping off to slumber.

It’s the little things…

It may be the blankets that my wife knitted them as infants. Though they don’t lug them around the way they did when they were smaller, they both still have them in their rooms, where they can still see them.

I’m finishing the last vestige of morning coffee, in a cup stenciled with a long-since-gone company logo. Looking at fridge magnets atop Halloween art; made by boys, all too soon young men become.

…that make a house, a home.

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