#ConwayGeekBreakfast… Save the Date!


Our next #ConwayGeekBreakfast will be Thursday, October 30th, at Bob’s Grill in Conway, AR.

Save the Date!


Shadow IT: Solve, Overcome, or Endure?

Everyone who has ever been in a position of authority in IT has run across Shadow IT – those pockets of automation throughout your enterprise not maintained, supported, or “sanctioned” through the front door of your IT organization.

Is it a problem to be solved, overcome, or merely endured? Here are some of my thoughts.


Messin’ ’round – Ashokan Farewell

Just messin’ ’round on a Friday morning.


Apple Announces Watch, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple just announced their much anticipated Watch, plus two new iPhone models (the 6 and the 6 Plus). What do you think about the new offerings?


Seven superstitions to know before you go to college

Hendrix College was mentioned today on the Headline News Website:

Hendrix College cafeteria apparently has a glittery tray from the 60’s that they sometimes dole out lunches on. If you get it, luck is on your side (wearing your polyester jumpsuit to the cafeteria, we hear, does not up your chances).

Cooler still, they used a video from our first Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, featuring John Steward’s second-place winning Disco Tray.

My only regret? Portrait video. Ugh. What was I thinking?



Conway Geek Breakfast – Save the Date

Thursday, September 25, 2014, 7:00 AM – Bob’s Grill, Oak Street, Conway.

A Conway Tradition, since before the Christmas Tree.



Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, 2014 Edition

For the past two March 14ths (Pi Day!), Hendrix College has hosted a Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, an exposition / competition where local students, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs can showcase their über cool Raspberry Pi projects.

The video below is from the most recent Bake-Off (2014) and features several Pi projects, and the super awesome people who created them.



Make Meetings Count – Part Deux

A major pet peeve of mine – incomprehensible and unreadable presentation slides.

The solution is easy… all you have to do is just follow this simple rule:

If you can’t read it, don’t use it.


Make Meetings Count

Let’s face it. Meetings are probably one of the least favorite aspects of work life. You can totally rock meetings, by doing three simple things that will set you miles apart from all the other meeting drones.


Habits for Affecting Change

Coming back from extended work breaks are great opportunities for enacting habits that will help change your outlook and your productivity. Sometimes, you need to make small changes in your daily routine in order to facilitate larger changes in your life and career.