Native vs. HTML5 apps: Which is right for your organization?

Native vs. HTML5 apps: Which is right for your organization?.


iMac with 5K Retina Display

iMac 5K Retina Display

Today, Apple announced upgrades to their iPad and iMac product lines, as well as announcing availability (immediate) for their new OS X release, Yosemite, and for Apple Pay’s go live date (Monday, October 20).


Positioning Visitors with iBeacons


Great write up on the implementation challenges of deploying low-energy bluetooth beacons (Apple’s iBeacon technology is based upon LEB) in the Brooklyn Museum.


Two-Factor Authentication – Just Do It


In case you need more impetus for using two-factor authentication for your cloud-service accounts, there’s the news that 7,000,000 Dropbox user names were hacked, and hundreds of passwords have now been posted in the clear on Reddit.

If you’re using cloud services, implement two-factor authentication. Now.


Q&A: David Hinson on Coping with Expanding Tech Boundaries

Keeping infrastructure ahead of demand has become a big challenge for higher education, Hinson says.


Google in Education Arkansas Summit

Google in Education Arkansas Summit

Educators across the region gathered at Conway High School for the Google in Education Arkansas Summit. Whether or not your institution uses Google Apps for Education, educators can use the suite of tools to either change how they work or bypass the learning management system (Moodle or Blackboard). Here’s a breakdown on a few things that were covered, and how they may apply in teaching and learning.


Associated Colleges of the South CIO Podcast – Episode 3

Associated Colleges of the South CIO Podcast – Episode 3

A very special (and very truncated) episode of the ACS CIO podcast… travel to Rollins College for the ACS Instructional Technologists meeting, and a new president at Hendrix College.