Being a Caregiver with an Academic Career

Great post from former colleague (and friend) Tim Lepczyk over at ProfHacker: Being a Caregiver with an Academic Career.


Little Rock Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

Hitting the ground running, planning this year’s Little Rock Raspberry Pi Bake-Off!

This year, in addition to our tradition showcase and competition, we’re adding workshops and labs!

Be sure to save the date… Saturday, March the 14th (Pi Day)!

And of course: watch this space for details!


NASA’s Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts – InformationWeek


Looking forward to my first visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center tomorrow for the Orion Test Flight on Thursday. #NasaSocial

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts – InformationWeek.


Beer, Brats, and Bots!

Are you brave, bold and powerful? Ready to test your mad skills in a robot competition?  You can be the robot command team! If you have what it takes, then step up and take your place among the gods: sign up your team for Beer, Brats and Bots at The Launch Pad, 201 East Broadway, North Little Rock.



To Be, or Not to Be Social: Is participating in social media good for your career?

“Create your presence on social media to be found, heard and respected; otherwise, you won’t be.” – Susan Beebe, Chief Listener at Dell.


Conway Geek Breakfast

November’s Conway Geek Breakfast comes early this month… it’s this Thursday, 11/20, at Bob’s Grill in Conway.

Want to know what’s trending in Tech… catch up on what happened this weekend at Conway Comic-Con… or simply show off your latest bright and shiny tech object? Then come on down!


At Liberal-Arts Colleges, Debate About Online Courses Is Really About Outsourcing – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Amanda Hagood - Writing the Natural State

At Liberal-Arts Colleges, Debate About Online Courses Is Really About Outsourcing – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

I would say that this article’s title should probably more properly have been “At Liberal-Arts Colleges, Debate About Online Courses Is Really About The Fear Of Outsourcing.”

Pedagogy should always drive the “wheres and whys” of how and when technology is used in higher ed. And that is especially true for liberal arts colleges.

I am happy to see Hendrix College and Rollins College (as well as former Hendrix Colleague and now ACS Director of Blended Learning, Amanda Hagood) get a well-deserved nod, for an excellent class, with strong outcomes – and raves from both students and faculty.

And, for the record, these classes are much more than a professor appearing on a projection screen. The TART 120 class between Hendrix and Rollins is an engaging, interactive course where the professor, Eric Zivot, is present and active ten minutes before and after “class time.” I would place Eric’s engagement with his students at Hendrix – while he is quite literally a 1,000 miles away – on par with (and even better than, in a few cases, truthfully) in situ faculty.

Disappointed in the story’s “angle” – but grateful for the mention and recognition for a well-designed, and well-executed, immersive telepresence course.


Native vs. HTML5 apps: Which is right for your organization?

Native vs. HTML5 apps: Which is right for your organization?.


iMac with 5K Retina Display

iMac 5K Retina Display

Today, Apple announced upgrades to their iPad and iMac product lines, as well as announcing availability (immediate) for their new OS X release, Yosemite, and for Apple Pay’s go live date (Monday, October 20).


Positioning Visitors with iBeacons


Great write up on the implementation challenges of deploying low-energy bluetooth beacons (Apple’s iBeacon technology is based upon LEB) in the Brooklyn Museum.