SlideShare Professional Journey Tool

SlideShare Professional Journey Tool

Professional Journey

SlideShare has a new Professional Journey Tool, that will create a slick slide show of your professional life – using data pulled directly from your LinkedIn Profile.

Like a lot of automated tools of its kind, it’s great at simplifying the task of creating engaging infographics, while erring on the ability to edit the content once it’s created. Also, the finished product can only be viewed on SlideShare – but I’m betting a paid feature will soon follow, to allow you to download to PowerPoint or Keynote.

Definitely worth a look.

Are Resumes Necessary?

Are Resumes Necessary?

Seth Godin had a post this morning on Why bother with a Resume?

It got me thinking: in my professional life, spanning 1985 to the present, I have NEVER gotten a job as a result of a resume. Never.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a resume or that I have never submitted a resume. Simply that a resume in and of itself has never brought me to anyone’s attention nor has it been the tipping point that has been the deciding factor on a paycheck for me.

Resumes are the HR equivalent of flowcharts in the programming world; they are obsolete the moment they are written, and bear little resemblance to the object they purport to describe.

As Seth astutely points out, if you are remarkable as a person, a resume is entirely superfluous.

So – what is a better use of your time: to create a kick ass Resume, or to become Remarkable?