The 2015 Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

The 2015 Raspberry Pi Bake-Off


The Third Annual Raspberry Pi Bake-Off will be held Saturday, March 14 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

The annual event (held each Pi Day, March 14th) is designed to showcase amazing projects created using the the affordable and versatile Raspberry Pi, a small $35 credit card-size teaching computer designed for students and hobbyists.

Students, makers, and creatives are invited to bring their Raspberry Pi creations to compete for prizes, prestige, and – most importantly – bragging rights! In addition to the project competition, workshops and labs will be held for people just getting started with the Raspberry Pi, and for those interested in learning how to get the most out of their Raspberry Pi creations.

The event is free and open to the public.

“When Sis or Junior trash the family computer, it’s a big deal”, said David J. Hinson, who along with Tony Bates of Arkansas Geek Central (, has organized the first two Bake-Offs. “The designers of the Raspberry Pi wanted to create an inexpensive teaching computer, meant to be handled and tinkered with… if you break it, the consequences are minimal. They succeeded wildly – millions of Raspberry Pi units have been sold worldwide since their release three years ago. When Tony and I saw the impact of the Pi, we felt compelled to help spread the word about the potential for these $35 computers.” To learn more about the Raspberry Pi, please visit

Raspi_Colour_R (1)

For questions and additional information regarding the Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, please contact David J. Hinson at, call the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at 501-907-6570, or visit the website at

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is located at 201 East Broadway, North Little Rock, AR 72114. Please visit for information on the Hub, and its upcoming events and programs.



Little Rock Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

Hitting the ground running, planning this year’s Little Rock Raspberry Pi Bake-Off!

This year, in addition to our tradition showcase and competition, we’re adding workshops and labs!

Be sure to save the date… Saturday, March the 14th (Pi Day)!

And of course: watch this space for details!


Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, 2014 Edition

For the past two March 14ths (Pi Day!), Hendrix College has hosted a Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, an exposition / competition where local students, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs can showcase their über cool Raspberry Pi projects.

The video below is from the most recent Bake-Off (2014) and features several Pi projects, and the super awesome people who created them.



Hendrix College Raspberry Pi Bake-Off


Upcoming Pi Day… The Raspberry Pi Bake-Off


David J. Hinson and Tony Bates talk about the upcoming Raspberry Pi Bake-Off to be held "Pi Day" (March 14th) at Hendrix College in Conway, AR.

Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

Raspberry Pi Bake Off Poster TAL

The Raspberry Pi Bake-Off is happening Thursday, 3.14, from 6 to 9 PM in the Campbell Dining Room of the Student Life and Technology Center on the Campus of Hendrix College.

UPDATE: The event was a MONSTER success! Thanks to everyone who participated!


Raspberry Pi Odds and Ends

Raspberry Pi Odds and Ends

Some random odds and ends from playing around with my Raspberry Pi computers that I got a couple of weeks back:

  • Hendrix College will be hosting a Raspberry Pi Bake-Off on March 14, 2013 (Pi Day, of course – 3.14). The Bake-Off is essentially an event for local RPi enthusiasts – or wannabe enthusiasts – to trot their cool projects, and share their love of all things Pi. The event is open to anyone, and all ages are welcome.Tickets can be ordered here for the event:
  • After playing around with RaspBMC (Raspbian XBMC), I quickly came to the conclusion that it was (a) very slow, (b) inordinately hard to configure for wireless versus regular Raspian, and (c) very poorly supported Airplay. I imagine if I worked a little harder I might have been able to simplify some of what I went through with this implementation of XBMC to get it going on my configuration. But you really have to color me “unimpressed.” My advice – get a Roku box or Apple TV if you want a nice addition to your TV setup.
  • It really does matter what kind of SD card you use with the Raspberry Pi. The unfortunate thing is that, even with nominally supported and approved SD brands, you still may experience high numbers of SD card corruption while running your Pi, even if you don’t overclock them. My advice – once you get a configuration setup on your SD that you’re happy with, backup a disk copy of that SD and make backup SD copies. Even a preloaded SD card from was corrupted the second day I had it. Fortunately, downloading images and creating new SD cards is quite straightforward. Be prepared to have to do – and redo – this at some point during the life of your Pi.

Raspberry Pi Bake-Off


There’s Always Room For Pi

The Rig 2013-01-10 16.28.48 Initial raspi-config screen Raspbian Preloaded SD Raspberry Pi Board, in Pi Bow Case Raspberry Pi Board