Whither the News Business?

Whither the News Business?

Newspapers aren’t dying – they’re becoming something else.

Television News isn’t dying – it’s becoming something else.

Radio News isn’t dying – it’s becoming something else.

Don’t believe me? Visit a newspaper web site, like say WSVN in Miami. Now, visit a newspaper web site like the Orlando Sentinel. Finally, visit a radio web site like 540 WFLA in Orlando, FL.

Aside from the promos and come ons, the news content is mostly the same across all three types of media web sites – though some are more text-centric, or audio heavy, or more saturated with video.

In short, what is changing is that the distribution model of newspapers, radio news, and television news has been entirely been disrupted by the ever ubiquitous web.

News gathering is still a labor intensive resource. Quality production is still resource intensive. Professional content is still resource intensive. That is the strength of the traditional media outlets. What they are not so adept at is realizing that the world has already changed under their feet.

In ten years time, online presences between television stations, radio stations, and newspapers will be entirely indiscernible, and if the laws of the land are changed, will probably be one and the same.

Newspapers dead? Nope. Television news dead? Nope. Radio dead? Not yet.

The only thing actually dead with all of the three major media forms is their notion that whistling past the graveyard is a satisfactory business strategy.