Never Say Never

Never Say Never

I can distinctly remember thinking “I’ll never scrape another windshield again” during my last stint in Florida.

Just another “never” in a long list of “nevers”, that turned out to be not so “never.” Still scraping windshields (add to list: never thought I’d write that).

There’s a great Television commercial out right now that also illustrates these types of “nevers”: I’ll never get married; We’ll never have kids; we’ll never live in the suburbs; we’ll never drive a mini-van; we’ll never have another child.

Our ability to imagine and foresee the future keeps us from realizing all the fantastic possibilities that lie before us, and keeps us from getting needed comfort when trouble seems to stretch immeasurably before us.

Life itself is transitory; and, nothing is so uncertain as to what any day holds.

Never say never – because happiness is often found in the far reaches of Neverland.