House FINALLY on the Market

House FINALLY on the Market

Well, everything is definitely NOT ready, but it’s ready enough.  Our house has been on the market now not quite 48 hours.

We finally got the house listed in MLS Saturday 6/21 (MLS #992443) and I saw that it was in just a few minutes ago, though not with all of the pictures and Virtual Tour in – yet (should be fully featured in the next day or so.)

A few punch list items – a very few – and then it’s in St. Joseph’s capable hands (yeah – he’s buried in the backyard and we’re on day three of the Novenas).

The house was shown a couple of times Sunday, is scheduled to be shown later today, and is also scheduled to be shown tomorrow.  I definitely realize that we are in a marathon and not a sprint with regard to getting this thing under contract, but I am very heartened by the response – so far – of the local market.

Nashville has been very fortunate, in that it never was part of the go-go housing boom of this past decade and as a result prices have still appreciated rather than going backwards.

As is the case with almost every house that I have lived in, the only time I have everything the way that I like it is just before we sell it.  C’est la vie.

My powers of compartmentalization are always pushed to their limits when we sell one house and move to another – particularly when moving long distances (this will be my third long distance move in the last six years).

But I am oh so eager to be back among my friends in Central Florida – and getting ready for the upcoming school year.