MashTalk: Is Google Chromecast an Apple TV Killer?

Mashable Hangout talking Android and Chromecast.

Things that excite me about Chromecast:

  • Cheap. $35.
  • Simple.

Things that don’t excite me about Chromecast:

  • So small, I think these dongles will sprout legs and walk away in classrooms, unless we secure them.
  • This is not an AirPlay replacement. Content is played from URLs from the device. So, bummer, because this (mirroring applications from tablets and phones) is where we have a particular need on our campus.
  • It looks like this device, like all consumer devices, is designed for consumer WiFi environments, and not necessarily enterprise or campus environments. Will withhold further judgement on this “con” until I play around with an actual device early next week.
  • Power. Unless you have a newer TV, you will need to run external power to the device. Again, bummer.

Net-net: Still excited about the device, but not as excited once I started seeing some of the challenges.

This is a 1.0 device, and cheap enough to give it a fair look, kick the tires, and see where it can – or can’t – fit into our classroom teaching environments.