Thank You – And What’s Next

Thank You – And What’s Next

I’d like to extend a personal and sincere thank you to my friends and colleagues at IZEA.

I was afforded an opportunity to work with amazingly talented people, who consistently performed, and performed well, in a highly volatile and competitive marketplace.

For all that you gave me, and for all that I learned there, each of you have my sincerest gratitude and professional respect. I’m going to miss you all.

The next stage in my career will be played out at Hendrix College, where I will be the incoming EVP & CIO.

Hendrix College and Conway, AR will now be home. My family and I are looking forward to establishing a new circle of friends and loved ones in our new adopted community, while saying so long – for now – to the many, many friends we leave behind here in Orlando.

Onward and upward.

A Little Side Project I’m Working On

A Little Side Project I’m Working On

In addition to wrapping ongoing projects and coming up to speed on my new job, I’m also working on a few side projects.

Here is a screen shot of something I think is going to be pretty cool. Stay Tuned!

WeReward for Facebook
Last Quarter of The Year

Last Quarter of The Year

2010 has been orders of magnitude better than 2009, business wise.

Which is a great thing.

But it can always be better. Maybe not 1999 or 2000 better, but there’s always room for improvement.

As the last financial quarter of the year begins, I want to thank everyone who has made this year the success it has been – so far.

I especially want to thank Sean Callahan of Plixi and Ted Murphy of IZEA for their support and patronage.

Sprint to the Finish, people. Sprint to the Finish.