Orion EFT-1: Videos from #NASASocial

Orion EFT-1: Videos from #NASASocial


Last Wednesday’s visit to Johnson Space Center for the Orion EFT-1 #NASASocial event was jam packed with unique access and VIP tours of facilities, on and around JSC in Houston. I’ve finally gotten around to loading some of my videos from the day.

First, John McCullough, Chief Flight Director at JSC, gives the members of the JSC #NASASocial group a tour of the Apollo Mission Control Center (video credit: John Miller):

Below, you will see and hear Lee Morin, MD, Phd, talk about radiation and Orion. Lee is heading up the team that is using 3D printing to design the human interface elements of the Orion capsule.

Next Up: John McCullough, Chief Flight Director at JSC, gives us a walkthrough of the Orion EFT-1 Flight, discusses the Exploration Mission Timeline of the Orion Program, and talks about potential pitfalls with the EFT-1 mission