An Open Note to Mobile Ad Networks – Show Me The Money

An Open Note to Mobile Ad Networks – Show Me The Money

It seems like once every couple of weeks I’m complaining about the see-saw nature of mobile advertising rates.  Of late, the rates have been what I consider to be abysmal (sub $4 to low $3 CPM).

This is particularly frustrating if you’re serving up between 500,000 and 1,000,000 impressions per month.

And seemingly, just as often, I’m approached by competing ad networks wanting me to switch to their platform.

They always want to talk about how they can pick and choose between several publishers and that their tech is superior.

You know what I want to know?

How much am I going to get paid.  Period.

Seems harsh, but here’s what I’m supplying and risking for switching to any ad publisher: my (or more properly, my app’s) reputation and traffic.

If they are only offering what I’m getting today – or less – what’s the point of even talking?

Today the cycle repeats.  I have an ad network calling to make their pitch, and I can almost predict the spiel.

Mr. Ad Network cubicle guy, you REALLY want my business?

Pay me a signing bonus for switching to your network.  Pay me for the time I have to take to integrate your ad client into my software, unit and system test it to make sure it doesn’t blow up under load, and bake it for 2-3 weeks in the App Store approval queue.

But please, don’t come to me expecting me to switch because you have the best brokering system since bartering began.

Show Me the Money.

Are Resumes Necessary?

Are Resumes Necessary?

Seth Godin had a post this morning on Why bother with a Resume?

It got me thinking: in my professional life, spanning 1985 to the present, I have NEVER gotten a job as a result of a resume. Never.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a resume or that I have never submitted a resume. Simply that a resume in and of itself has never brought me to anyone’s attention nor has it been the tipping point that has been the deciding factor on a paycheck for me.

Resumes are the HR equivalent of flowcharts in the programming world; they are obsolete the moment they are written, and bear little resemblance to the object they purport to describe.

As Seth astutely points out, if you are remarkable as a person, a resume is entirely superfluous.

So – what is a better use of your time: to create a kick ass Resume, or to become Remarkable?