Building Collaborations: Digital Learning in the ACS

Building Collaborations: Digital Learning in the ACS

Amanda Hagood, Director of Blended Learning with the Associated Colleges of the South, discusses opportunities for building collaborations within the consortium.

#social media in the classroom: extending the learning community

#social media in the classroom: extending the learning community

Hangouts on AirOn Thursday, Sept. 26th at 3pm  Central/4pm Eastern Time, we’ll be talking with Dr. Robert Williamson, Jr., Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Hendrix College, about how he uses Twitter-based homework assignments to deepen student engagement with course materials and create a richer learning  community within his classes.

This one-hour event – titled “#social media in the  classroom: extending the learning community” – will be hosted through Google Hangouts on Air  (For those of you who are new to this platform, additional instructions are provided below).

You’ll be able to tune in to the event  directly from this Google Events page: You can also use this page to sign up for a reminder about the webinar, and to learn more about Dr. Williamson and the tools he uses in his social media assignments.

About Google Hangouts on Air:

This video-conferencing tool allows you to view the webinar as it is taking place (3pm Central/ 4pm Central on Thursday, Sept. 26th), as well as view a recording of the conversation after it has been completed.

In either case, you’ll be able to tune directly in to the  webinar by visiting the Google Events page for this event:

You will also be able to tune in to the webinar (both in real time and afterward) by visiting the ACS Blended Learning Collaboration’s YouTube page:

When you tune into the live event, the host will be aware that you are  present, but your image/audio will not appear in the conference. Because the number of video participants is limited, we will be using  a running comment field to gather your questions and comments during  the discussion.

You will be able to participate in the conversation by  typing your questions and comments into the comment fields in either  the Google Events page or the YouTube page, and the host will then  relay them to the group. The Events page also allows you to sign up for a reminder for this  event; simply choose the “Yes” option under “Are You Going?” and the  event will be added to your Google calendar. (You will need a gmail  address for this option to work).

Please feel free to contact Amanda Hagood, Director of Blended Learning, Associated Colleges of the South (hagood at, with any questions that you might have.