Lessons I Learned in the City

Lessons I Learned in the City

Yes, it’s big. 

No, the people are nice. 

Yes, I eat a lot of pizza. 

No, it’s not good. But it’s cheap. 

Yes, it’s crazy expensive to live here. 

No. I don’t take Uber everywhere. 

Yes, Metrocard is your best friend. 

No, I’m not afraid to ride the subway. 

Yes, New York is safer than other cities in which I’ve lived. 

No, the irony of paying to get onto Staten Island, rather than off, is not lost on me. 

Yes, Jersey is nicer than it appears on the Sopranos. 

No, I’m not ashamed I live in Jersey. 

Yes, there are a lot of people here. 

No, they aren’t all rich. Or homeless. 

Yes, I have been to a Yankees game. 

No, I am not a Yankees fan. 

Yes, I have walked across the Brooklyn Bridge – several times in fact. 

No, Times Square is not a must see. And stay away from the Fake Elmo. 

Yes, Central Park is a treasure. 

No, some people do like Prospect Park better (not many – but a lot more than you’d think).

Yes, the museums are awesome. 

No, I haven’t  visited them all (or often enough).

Yes, mass transit is one of the best – and worst – things about living and working in the City. 

No, I don’t enjoy “showtime.”

Yes, I did see a Broadway show. 

No, it wasn’t “Hamilton.”

Yes, the energy of the City is incredible. 

No, catching the train at 5:30 am, for an hour plus commute, is not, in fact, incredible. 

Yes, Grand Central Station is amazing. 

No, Penn Station is not

Yes, I do love walking below the Empire State Building each morning. 

No, that never gets old. 

Yes. I will miss it. 

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