O stands for Oops

O stands for Oops

Taking Aim

Guest Post by John Marini

Let’s face it, no one likes to have their mistakes pointed out.  But, if you want your message to be received, it’s critical you turn to someone who can spot your faults.  I’m not talking about brown shoes with black pants; I’m talking about the value of proofreading. Grammatical mistakes and typos in the communications industry are an easy way to lose credibility very fast.

Although my children have outgrown it, I keep a book that serves as a reminder of the importance of proofreading.  “Rhyming ABC,” by Fisher Price, is a hardbound children’s book.  Each letter is accompanied by rhyming words so preschoolers can begin associating words with those letters and in turn start learning the alphabet.  Trouble is, the author did not know their own ABCs or something went wrong in the editing process because the copy I have skips over the letter…

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