3d printing and education: a workshop report

3d printing and education: a workshop report

Bryan Alexander

NERCOMP 2014Yesterday I and two others hosted a NERCOMP workshop on 3d printing for higher education.  The large audience participated very actively, creating fun conversations and a lot of information-sharing about an emergent field.  In this post I’ll sum up the day, based on our materials, my notes,  and Twitter discussions.  It’s a bit long, given the sheer amount of information covered.  It’s also a snapshot of where 3d printing stands in mid-2015.

We began the day with introductions, discovering a wide variety of academic institutions, from community colleges to research universities, high schools and liberal arts colleges. When it came to individual roles and interests, we learned that many people worked in campus IT-related fields: academic computing, desktop or lab support, A/V services. There were also some with library connections, several faculty, and at least one administrator. Every campus represented was interested in 3d printing (obviously), but had actually…

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