Following Your Passion

Following Your Passion

What is success, if at the end of the day, we’ve thrown away all the people that have made our successes possible?

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Follow Your Passion

“Following your passion” is more than simply the Siren call of startup culture, and self-actualized, self-help books.

It is an explicit commitment on your part to chart, and follow, a life course; to do what it takes to make you a whole and happy person, regardless of what it takes to get there.

It is a commitment to eschew anything that would detract and distract from attaining your own personal Nirvana.

Being committed and passionate doesn’t excuse you from being sensible, reflective, and considerate. In fact, committing to your passion requires that you be even more intentional in your self assessments, and reflecting upon how your pursuit of happiness affects everyone else around you; not the least of which are the friends, family, and loved ones that support and maintain you in your passion.

Usually, they are the first to be ignored, and relegated to the sidelines – because of their unconditional love and support.

What happens when…

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