Warning to Business Leaders Using Social Media

Warning to Business Leaders Using Social Media

Don’t confuse communication, with noise. You may delegate the noise to those in your organisation, but the communication needs to remain with you.



Some messages are more difficult to communicate than others. This message is one of them. I ask that you would read this message and think; think not only about the words, but think around the reality of this message, how it could change your life, if applied even in the slightest way.

The fundamental of leadership is communication, the leaders task is to communicate the vision. Business fails when communication breaks down, in fact most problems we experience in life, can be attributed in one way or another to the lack of effective communication.

Noise is not necessarily communication, what people really desire is good clear simple communication.

We are living in a communication revolution, brought about predominantly through Social Media. However you cannot blame Social Media for this, as it was the desire to communicate more effectively that resulted in Social Media been embraced by the masses.

These masses wanted something they…

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