The Way Things Get Done

The Way Things Get Done

Learning the “formal” networks in a new job is daunting enough. But, to truly “arrive”, and be effective, you have to master the “informal” networks that exist in your company. Because that’s The Way Things Get Done.

300 Words, 2 Minutes

In every organized group or enterprise, there is a chain of command, or at least, some loosely defined structure that is supposed to determine how decisions are to be made, and how authority is to be granted for doing the work of the organization.

Sometimes this structure is described in complex organizational charts, with layers and layers of reporting, tracing out the lines of power. Perhaps in your group it works differently. Small companies tend to be much more horizontal and flat, with authority being more autonomously localized.

And understanding the dynamics within Family owned operations are enough for a series of articles, all their own.

Regardless of the type of organization you run, or find yourself working within, there is the publicized or “official” way things are supposed to happen.

And – there is the way that things really happen. The way things get done.

Look around your company. Without thinking…

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