One traditional undergraduate university to close

One traditional undergraduate university to close


Bryan Alexander

Benedictine University SpringfieldBenedictine University of Springfield will close its undergraduate program next year.  To start off that sad process, it’s laying off 75 of its 100 full-time staff.

Why is that BU ending?  Because of money, of course, but in an unusual way.  They can’t afford to keep up with the non-academic, student life demands of today’s undergraduate marketplace:

“We would need to have an athletic facility, a student center, and we would need to grow out residence hall population,” [Michael Bromberg, president] said. “We would need to spend a minimum of $40 million, and we have no reason to believe that would make us more competitive than we are today.”

That’s the traditional undergraduate market, for learners aged 18-22.  Adult learners are whom BUS will continue to serve, presumably because they don’t need sports, a student center, and forms.

To return to some of this blog’s usual themes, today’s story brings…

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