Yosemite’s Handoff – Getting it Working

Yosemite’s Handoff – Getting it Working


Handoff is one of the cooler new features of the latest release of Apple’s OS X operating system, Yosemite.

The feature allows documents initially created on iOS Devices (running iOS 8 or later) to be “picked up” and worked upon using Macs running Yosemite… and vice-versa.

Handoff depends upon Bluetooth Low Energy in order to work. So, in addition to making sure that:

  • You are using iOS 8 (or later) on your iOS devices
  • You are running Yosemite on your Macs
  • You have Handoff enabled on your Macs and iOS Devices
  • You have all devices signed into the same iCloud account
  • and You have Bluetooth enabled,

You must also make sure that your Mac supports BLE.

To do that, you can do one of the following:

Enter the following command into Terminal:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType | grep LMP


Go to the Apple Menu, click About this Mac, click System Report. Select Bluetooth. Look at the LMP Version.

The version must be 0x6 for Handoff to work. 

Otherwise, no dice.

An important implication of depending upon Bluetooth Low Energy for Handoff, is that you must be in close proximity to your devices, in order for Handoff to work.

Checkout Lifehacker and iMore for more info on checking your Macs for BLE capability.

2 thoughts on “Yosemite’s Handoff – Getting it Working

  1. If only it was that easy to make handoff work. I have a 13″ late 2013 rMBP and an iPhone 6. Both are signed into the same iCloud account. Both have handoff enabled. Both are on the same WiFi network. Both have Bluetooth enabled. Handoff doesn’t work.

    I chatted with an Apple Support rep, named Jason, for almost an hour. He had me sign out of iCloud on both devices, turn off FaceTime, turn off handoff on both devices, delete my Bluetooth plist, have Safari accept all cookies and disabled the do not track feature on both devices. We turned everything back on, and still no dice. There *is* a bug in 10.10 concerning handoff. It simply does not work for some people, of which I am one. Hopefully the issue will be fixed in 10.10.1


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