Where Opportunity Lives

Where Opportunity Lives

Apple Watch Hero Sport

This week, the inescapable technology tsunami that breached was the announcement of several new Apple products; most notably the Apple Watch.

And, just as predictably (and in synchronous temporal parallel), the inevitable backlash.

This brand holy war is not new, or even unique, to technology brands.

As someone who has developed products for many different technology platforms over the last thirty years, I am amazed – but never surprised – at the vitriol, and energy, wasted in promoting brand chauvinism.

But honestly, neither do I care.

For while others are arguing the merits of technology that they carry about their person – and what it says about themselves and their personal life choices – I’m thinking about one thing: Opportunity.

I’m not jazzed about learning that the Apple App Store now has 1.3 million apps.

What gets me excited is knowing that a new technology platform is opening up, that currently has zero applications in the space.

Because that’s where Opportunity lives.

And that’s where the future will be made – in those green field landscapes currently unlittered with watch-sized Flappy Birds, Virtual Farts, and Fat Booths.

Wayne Gretzky famously said, “…skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” The trick, of course, is to know where the puck is going to be.

This week, we all got a huge freakin’ clue.

And so, you won’t find me arguing the merits of who innovates better, who executes better, or who has “won” in any particular product category.

Instead, I will be seeking Opportunity.

And taking up residence there.

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