You’re Doing It Wrong. Obviously.

You’re Doing It Wrong. Obviously.

I depend upon my work computer for my livelihood. I work at home. On the road. In Starbucks. In motel rooms. Waiting for the kids in pickup line.

Which means I am constantly wrapping and unwrapping my power cord, all the live-long day.

Now, being a savvy latte-swilling, elitist dbag MacBook Pro power user, I of course wrap my power cable, this way:

That is to say, until this happened:

You're Doing It Wrong

No problem, I think. I’ll just order a replacement.

HOLY COW. These bad boys are 79 US DOLLARS. What are they made of? Printer Ink?

Well. Let’s check Amazon.

Amazon Screen Shot

It seems that I can save a whopping 1% through Amazon. Yay me. And, “free” shipping (yay, Prime).


Apparently, Apple is more than aware of this little design flaw in their MagSafe adapters.

It’s cold comfort at this point.

For now, I’ll just have to live with stuffing my MagSafe adapter into my travel bag like a “normal.”

That, or invest in adapter futures.

2 thoughts on “You’re Doing It Wrong. Obviously.

  1. @jeff Cool looking stuff. Gotta get me some.

    David: this broken wire problem has existed for at least 10 years. Apple must be committed to those silly “ears,” or perhaps they tested the idea of removing them and got an outcry of angst.

    In any case, after a couple of incidents like this in my household, I gave everyone colorful velcro cable ties and said “Use this!” I “fold” both cords together leaving a nice bit of slack in the thinner cord where it attaches to the adapter. Wrap the velcro and I’m off. Not as compact as seen in your picture, but I haven’t replaced an adapter in 6+ years.

    Tightly wrapping any cable is generally a bad idea IMHO.


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