We Scanned a Banana. THIS Happened.

We scanned a banana, using a MakerBot Digitizer, and printed it on a MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer. Elapsed Time: 3 Hours, compressed to under a minute in this video.

3 thoughts on “We Scanned a Banana. THIS Happened.

  1. Hi David, thanks for the helpful posts. I’m considering getting a 3D printer and doing some research.

    Could you pls tell me, it’s difficult to tell from the video; what’s in the internal structure of the banana that you printed? Does it get filled solid or can you print just the shell, leaving it hollow inside? And how much material does something like this tape up? Thank you!


    1. The banana isn’t solid, but it does have a hexagonal fill structure, that I believe in this case, was set to about 12%-15% fill volume (with 100% being a solid). The higher the fill percentage, the longer the build time. You could leave the banana hollow, but you would need to make sure you make the thickness of the walls of the object thick enough to “hold” the shape. This build was about 3-4 grams, as best I remember.


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