Marking Time

Marking Time

This is the time of year when it is customary to reflect upon the twelve months just past, note milestones that were of significance, and look forward to the promise of a coming year – with hope, longing, and anticipation that those twelve months will be even better, brighter, and more prosperous than where we find ourselves presently.

The new year is our chance to welcome the undiscovered future. But we often spend more time looking in our rearview mirrors than through the windshield ahead; understandable, if not regrettable.

We need to be able to see that we have accomplished something. That we are moving forward, not backward. Know that what we do, and have done, matters. We try to do this by checking where we are now, marking where we have been during our time through time.

In total, we are the sum of all moments that have led up to now. And while it is instructive to realize how those component moments have led us here, it is more important to create anew from the undiscovered moments ahead.

And so, my challenge to myself for the coming year, is that I will not spend my days in full time residency, living in the past.

That I will learn how to do at least one new thing that I imagine myself never being capable of doing.

That I will reinvent a major aspect of my personal or professional life.

That I will learn to live in the now.


Happy New Year.

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