Google+ Hangouts on Air Tip – Q&A

Google+ Hangouts on Air Tip – Q&A

I really like the Q&A feature of Google+ Hangouts on Air. It’s really “upped the game” on hosting engaging and interactive webinars using HOA.

But I had run into issues using Q&A with my events. For some reason, the Q&A app wasn’t always asking me which event to connect to, even for events that should be within the 30 minute window specified by Google.

What the heck was going on?

After some frustrating experimentation, I discovered that the issue was this – your Google+ Hangout on Air MUST be named the same as the name of your event.

I haven’t seen this documented anywhere, but it is definitely a thing.

You’re welcome. (In my best Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy, Voice).

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