Boiler Room Marketers – You’re Doing It Wrong

Boiler Room Marketers – You’re Doing It Wrong

Boiler Room Marketers – you’re doing it wrong.Boiler Room

Yesterday, I received an email from someone claiming their company was the “#1 education property on the internet.”

Aside from checking my phone to make sure the year wasn’t 1999, I had a good chuckle imagining the copywriting genius it took to compose that gem. Strike one.

As I read further, this person invoked the name of my boss (the president of our college) and referenced a letter he had FedEx’d him (“wow – would you look at that – a Western Union Telegram!”), in order to elicit a sales call with me on their product. For those playing along at home, we call this “strike two.”

Examining the missive even closer, I noticed that there were two different font faces (and sizes) where the person had cut and pasted the boilerplate into the message, but forgot to correct the capital “U” (where he started to type “University”, but instead wrote “UCollege”). Strike three. Next batter, please.

Look – we all have jobs to do. It’s a never ending “arms race” to get past gate keepers, and in front of decision makers. I get it. We all get it.

Pulling cheap marketing stunts (a FedEx letter? Really?) isn’t the way to endear your way into a bona fide sales call.

And, if you’re gonna cut and paste some horrific copy, please make sure that you at least get our / my name right and the style matches.

But – and for me, most importantly – don’t claim a relationship with people in my organization that you obviously don’t have (and can be checked with a text, email, or call – which I always do when someone makes a claim of a prior relationship).

Spotting amateur hour is an occupational hazard in any managerial position. At the very least, make it look like you’re trying.

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