There’s No Delete Button on the Internet

There’s No Delete Button on the Internet

I would love to fast-forward five years from now and see how job searches and grad school applications are being impacted by what gets posted online.

I know such filtering in the application process is being used extensively even today; but I see no brakes being applied by the Millenials I interact with, and what they choose to share on the interwebz.

Maybe it will lead to a more forgiving political climate. Maybe it will lead to a more open social structure.

But how will those embarrassing photos from your twenties play out when you’re up for that “big promotion” in your forties?

Think before you post. There’s no delete button – yet – for the Internet.

One thought on “There’s No Delete Button on the Internet

  1. Actually, there *is* an app for that! 🙂

    I think your concern is warranted. I am astounded by what people (not just students!) post. For example, a professional colleague regularly posts complaining rants about her workplace. She doesn’t seem to realize that a number of us connected to her know her colleagues and may someday be in a position to hire her or give her a recommendation. Her online behavior clearly demonstrates that she is neither a team player nor discrete. #fail

    In another situation, a person announced her new position at a company on Facebook and the company had not told employees about her — or that they were even hiring! It created a lasting (and negative) impression on a whole host of levels.

    I also wonder how prep school, college and scholarship applications will be impacted by inappropriate sharing. It wouldn’t surprise me if some admissions offices are beginning to check the online presence of applicants, too.

    Like you, I’ll be interested to see how this plays out in the next five to 10 years.


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