Good Ambassadors

Good Ambassadors

Yesterday, as my family and I were trying to return home to Orlando from Little Rock, AR, we encountered several golfers on their way to a conference tournament in Austin, TX.

The golfers were from Hendrix College (in Conway, AR), which is – coincidentally – where I will be working and living in the very near future, as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

My boys both had Hendrix shirts on, which caught the attention of the coach and the golfers. The student athletes made a point – along with their coach, Thad McCracken, of coming over to speak to my boys and complimenting them on their choice of attire.

Thad, who also is the head basketball coach at Hendrix, went on to invite my boys to basketball camp this summer.

This was an unexpected act of good ambassadorship, that cost nothing but made a tremendously positive impact on my boys – my oldest son especially.

I try to reinforce in my children the importance of conducting themselves always as if someone was watching what you do, because you never know when someone is, and is gauging the quality of your character by the actions you undertake.

Coach Thad and his players are excellent representatives of Hendrix College. Through extra effort, they made a huge lasting first impression, well beyond the effort it took to reach out to strangers in an airport. They didn’t know who we were, but treated my boys like rock stars.

It is my sincere hope to emulate their excellent example of engagement, influence, and friendship in my representation of Hendrix College.

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