Always Between Engagements

Always Between Engagements

If you watch many old movies, a recurring gag is the “unemployed actor” who is – not out of a job – but “currently between engagements.”

In a sense, I have been “currently between engagements” for the past fourteen years.

That’s not to say I’ve been unemployed – quite the contrary.

It means only that I am in a constant state of acquiring new work and new projects, even as I am in the midst of several ongoing projects.

I know that for many people, this level of uncertainty about precisely what is putting the dinner on the table next week, next month, next year is untenable.

Some people aren’t wired for the risk of being a business owner or entrepreneur.

For me, it’s mother’s milk.

There are times when I’ve been pushed to the wall to the point where I’ve ** almost ** cried “Uncle!” (or at least, whispered “Uncle!” very loudly to a few close friends).

In a very real sense, we’re all very much a single paycheck away from being “currently between engagements.”

Whether you embrace that realization or not is dictated by temperament, choice, or through sheer indifference.

Since I don’t know any better, I’ll continue on as if I’m always between engagements. And loving it.

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