Windows Phone 7 – Some Initial Thoughts

Windows Phone 7 – Some Initial Thoughts

I’ve just started playing around with the Windows Phone 7 SDK. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • The Windows Phone 7 UX / UI tools make what’s available on Android and Blackberry look lame by comparison (Android’s UI tools: slim; Blackberry’s: none). In fact, I would even go as far to say that Microsoft Expression Blend is a more powerful design tool that Apple’s Interface Builder.
  • The overall UI itself is taking me some getting used to. It’s a little on the spare side for my tastes.
  • The simulator is rock solid. Love the fact that I can compile and test without restarting the simulator each time, and even if I DO have to start the simulator each time, it takes only seconds to start and not minutes (** cough cough ** android ** cough ** blackberry ** cough ** cough **).

I’m still wading through the documentation and working through the labs, but I have to say my initial impression is… very favorable.

I have yet to do anything substantive (create an HTTP connection, start a thread, download an image, cache / persist data, etc.). What I see so far is causing me to rethink whether Microsoft may yet have a chance in the “phone wars.”

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