Hiding Blackberry Background Processes

Hiding Blackberry Background Processes

If you’ve ever developed a Blackberry app that has an Alternate Entry Point and runs in the background, you’re familiar with this typical scenario in your main application class (or something very much like it):

public static void main(String args[]) {

if (args.length>0 && args[0].equals("autostartup"))


MyApp app = new MyApp();






new MyApp().showGUI();



But wait a minute… how come I can ** still ** see my application’s autostart instance in the “Switch Applications” dialog?!?

This isn’t what I wanted.

Here’s the additional “secret sauce” you need:

First, declare a private global boolean in your main application class. I call mine (usually) _acceptsForeground and set it to false initially.

Next, in your main application class handle the UIApplication.acceptsForeground callback and code it like this:

protected boolean acceptsForeground() {

return _acceptsForeground;


Finally, in your showGUI() method (or whatever you call your analogous implementation) you need to add the following two (2) lines of code at the beginning of the method:

_acceptsForeground = true;


And that’s that. No longer will your application’s autostart instance appear in your task switcher.

One thought on “Hiding Blackberry Background Processes

  1. Interesting approach you can also create a single instance of MyApp… alternatively if you are using Auto Start and System Module flags instead of use an UiApplication you must use an Application for the background app.


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