Helpful Hint when Debugging with a Blackberry Device

Helpful Hint when Debugging with a Blackberry Device

One (of the many) frustrating things that one encounters when developing for the Blackberry platform is the frequent number of times that simulators are started and restarted when testing. It’s gotten better, but is nowhere near as seamless as working on Android or the gold standard in this regard, the Apple iPhone.

It’s not a lot better when debugging on an actual Blackberry Device. In fact, one of the odder problems that can sometime occur is that the  Eclipse loader will look like it’s trying to load your code, only to give you a message that “The Device Is No Longer Available”… when in fact it’s connected and waiting happily for you to do something.

The only thing that I have found to reliably and repeatably keep this from happening is to keep the RIM Desktop Manager running in the background while I debug in Eclipse.

I don’t know if this is because the RIM software is using some sort of “keep alive” on the USB connection (which I suspect) or not.

All I know is that without it running, not only am I pulling the Blackberry’s battery to get it to reconnect, I’m also having to reboot my system to get the two on speaking terms again.

It’s often said that software development is more art than science.

It’s because of crap like this.

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