Getting Paid – It’s Not Dirty

Getting Paid – It’s Not Dirty

Everyone does it.

Few speak of it openly.

Getting Paid.

We wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t get paid. Your parents did – you’re living proof.

So why are we uncomfortable talking about getting paid?

Double entendres aside, why is it so hard for people to admit that goods and services have intrinsic worth that should be fairly compensated in return for receiving said goods and services?

In part, blame Canada the Internets. Blame iTunes. Blame YouTube. Blame Twitter. Blame Facebook. Blame every “free” service you receive for the perception that content and goods have zero friction, and therefore, zero cost and value.

It’s a lie that has spread too far and too wide.

Alas, content is not free. Neither is the talent used to create said content, whether it be that favorite application you use, that web site you can’t peel yourself away from, or those songs clogging up your phone.

Things have a value, and a cost associated with creating that value.

There’s an old adage that says some people know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. On the internet, most understand this saying as “the cost of everything is nothing, therefore, the value of everything is nothing.”

Weekly, I wind up disappointing someone over this mis-perception. The stark reality is that underlying the act of creation there’s this little thing called “cost of goods sold.” And it’s never zero.

How do the creators of content go about changing the perception that everything online should be freely available, everywhere, at all times?

First, stop being a doormat by giving away your content. And second, be prepared for enduring the consequences of doing so.

Does this sound a little too “get the hell off my lawn?”

Sure it does. It comes with being a grown up.

Just like understanding there’s no such thing as Santa. Not even on the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Getting Paid – It’s Not Dirty

    1. I don’t know Max. I’ve spoken with agents, PR people, and graphic artists who’ve all had similar experiences.


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