Google and Android Market – Really?

Google and Android Market – Really?

I would love to search for apps on Android Market. But I can only do so from Android Market on a mobile device – not from a laptop or desktop.

Really, Google?

I would love to provide a link to my Android apps on Android Market. But, again, I can only do so from an Android Phone but not a laptop or desktop.

Really, Google?

For a company that is predicated on Search and Links, the current state of Android Market is pretty damned lame.

In so many ways, Google has a more compelling story to tell than Apple and iPhone.

If only they could finish the unfinished bits of the ecosystem.

Like the parts that enable your apps to be discovered, and downloaded.


2 thoughts on “Google and Android Market – Really?

    1. But Andrew, it’s beyond lame that I MUST use a third party to discover apps. And inexcusable that I cannot link directly in an email campaign, website, or other online medium to my wares on Android Market.

      It’s just another reason why they aren’t the pre-imminent mobile solution, yet, and why they continue to miss the boat with regard to customer / user experience. It’s nigh impossible to market your apps and without the aid of third party sites (some which are more than a little dodgy in appearance) to even discover what’s in the market beyond the approved featured apps.

      Again, the irony is that it is Google – masters of the Universe in all things Search – that is blowing this so badly.


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