Being a Fan Boy – I Don’t Get It, And Never Have. I’m Looking at You, Tech “Press”

Being a Fan Boy – I Don’t Get It, And Never Have. I’m Looking at You, Tech “Press”

Something that I’ve never understood as someone long steeped in the Tech Industry is the Fan Boy.

You know ’em when you see ’em or hear ’em.

They’re the people who say Macs are so much easier to use than PCs, though they’ve never owned or used a PC.

They’re the people who used to sit beside you in Comp Sci declaring Rails is the best thing since Jesus, though they’ve never had a job in programming.

They’re the people crying about Apple being the anathema of open standards, and keep “Open” companies (like Adobe) “down.” (sorry if I caused a spit take there).


The companies you project messianic qualities onto are there for one purpose, and one purpose only.

To make money off of your gullible asses.

You love Android?  Cool.  Apple is the Bees Knees?  Fab-oo.  Can’t live without your Blackberry?  Awesome.

But I swear to G-d, if I see one more fawning “journalist” creaming over a product that doesn’t exist, in a niche that has a history of repeated failures (** cough ** Web TV ** cough ** Apple TV ** cough ** Google TV **) I’m gonna yak.

Every story doesn’t have to be balanced.  But it should at the very least be objective and based on reality.

For example, because Adobe announces that mobile Flash will be available in June for one phone doesn’t mean that mobile Flash is available.  It’s not AVAILABLE until it’s AVAILABLE for Sale.

Maybe I’m simply cranky this morning.  I haven’t been so amazed at the gullibility of the tech press since they got woodies over Google’s “Open Social” announcement several years back.

I’m expecting about as much success out of Google TV.

And since pissing on Fan Boy parades always results in “I know you are, but what am I”, let me disclose that I own multiple IBM PCs, multiple Apple iPhones, multiple Apple iMacs, an Apple MacBook Pro, a Google Android Droid, and a Blackberry Bold 9000.  I honestly could care less over what tech company “prevails” – as long as I can create something of value on a platform that people use, and that makes their lives easier in some small way.

Maybe I should just choose sides already and surrender to the Fan Boy-dom.

But I simply don’t see the profit in it.

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