Feast or Famine

Feast or Famine

Business is a strange… business.

There are stretches where you can’t drum up leads or engagements for love or money.

And then there are periods when you’re so busy that you don’t realize the last time you took a shower, because you haven’t left your desk for a few days.

It comes with the territory.

Oh sure, you think that if you’re careful you’ll be able to “even things out”… “spread things around”… “save up for the slack times.”

But in reality, even with great business plans, everyone is dependent upon the macro business cycle – and even good, well run businesses can go bad in a hurry because engagements dry up – or conversely, become buried in an avalanche of new orders with insufficient resources to handle the onslaught.

Since 1996 (when I started my current company) I’ve been through the birth of the internet, two boom cycles, the internet bubble bust, 9/11, and the Great Recession.

In the course of that time, there were long periods where my business plan pretty much ran itself.  There were also other times when the company barely survived.

Anecdotally, and from my own person experience, the economy seems to be pulling back from the bottom.  The phones are ringing.  Work product is going out the door.  Things are resembling what was once considered “normal.”

This is the point where one might expect a set of bullet points with the secrets to life, love, business, and happiness in order to deal with the phenomena of Feast or Famine.

Not here.

I simply note that there are some aspects of life and business outside your span of control, and all you can do is gut it out.

Put on your big boy / girl underwear and go to work.

Take care of business.

And enjoy the banquet.

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