Cheap Gas! Sold to

Cheap Gas! Sold to

Yesterday, the sale of Cheap Gas! to was finalized.

Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews – the cofounders of GasBuddy – have been more than gracious in their support of Cheap Gas! this past year… especially given the fact that they had an official GasBuddy application in the iTunes App Store, alongside Cheap Gas!.  It speaks volumes for their generosity and trust.

I’m pleased and honored that they deemed the application worthy of formal inclusion within their family of product offerings.

The success that Cheap Gas! has enjoyed (consistently being a Top 10 Travel App on iTunes with over 550,000 downloads) is due in no small measure to the great network of users loyal to to the GasBuddy brand.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the application.  I hope that Cheap Gas! has been more help than hinderance, and I appreciate the kind words of support that I have received this year as I tried to build out an application that was both satisfying and useful.

So… what’s in store for Cheap Gas! in the future?

Watch this space.

The developers at GasBuddy are hard at work even now.

Again – many, many thanks to everyone.

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