Gowalla – What FourSquare Should Be. But Isn’t.

Gowalla – What FourSquare Should Be. But Isn’t.

I am sick to death of hearing how great FourSquare is.

Maybe two years ago it would have been.  Today, it just looks… unfinished.

And yet, one can’t help but notice that there appears to be a pump-and-dump type mentality with people buzzing up FourSquare as “the next big thing.”  I look at it and think, “this?”

There are any number of services like FourSquare that are more polished and complete (Brightkite, Loopt, Gowalla) – with by far the best of this last bunch being Gowalla.

In fact, Gowalla is what FourSquare should have been.

Especially if the FourSquare founders sat around for two years, with time on their hands, looking for something to do – working on a new product boosted from the scraps of Dodgeball.

Compare the two apps by looking at their interfaces in the Gallery below.  Which one looks like a developer in their basement pulled it together, and which one looks like a professional app built by a real company?  It’s a total no-brainer.

And embarrassment for all the “me toos” pumping up an obviously crap implementation.

But – even as cool, polished, and slick as Gowalla is (and FourSquare is not) – are these types of social apps really the next big thing?

Who knows.

I only play a developer on TV.


One thought on “Gowalla – What FourSquare Should Be. But Isn’t.

  1. I agree Gowalla looks nice, but there isn’t much to the service. All of the current services have issues and there is still room for someone to do it right IMO. I think the problem with these apps are even more apparent living in Tokyo. They’ll need to think more internationally to really take off.


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