A Little House Cleaning

A Little House Cleaning

By way of general announcement, I will be removing all Facebook applications that I have written from our servers at the end of the month (December 2009).

Goodbye, LinkedIn Contacts.

Goodbye, Starbucks Near Me.

Goodbye, myGoogleReader.

I’ve made several good friends as a result of my work with Facebook applications.  And I have been engaged for lucrative app development by national brands as a result of these applciations – sometimes for platforms other than Facebook.

This year has seen a marked drop in the interest in the Facebook platform for anything other than games like Farmville, Mob Wars, and the like.

My interest is in finding ways to create useful business applications.

And for that, Facebook has simply not become a business market.  And it never will.

The last five (5) Facebook applications I developed were either “cause” marketing apps, or games.  All for very recognizable brands.  Nothing that would be considered remotely a business application.

And while these were great projects to work upon, I think there has to be something more useful that I can create.

But the Facebook platform isn’t the place where I will do it.

Facebook Connect, on the other hand, seems to be where all the useful types of application development and services are laying claim to their own slice of the social media sphere, outside the Facebook walled garden, while leveraging the social graph and identity of their Facebook presence.

Does this mean that I will stop creating Facebook applications, forever?


But it does mean that as a primary focus for what I do, that ship has sailed – and now it’s on to new things.

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