Does the Internet Devalue Everything It Touches?

Does the Internet Devalue Everything It Touches?

My wife and I spoke at length yesterday about how seemingly the Internet devalues everything it touches.

Zero friction.  Free news.  Ninety-nine cent songs and applications.

Instant gratification at zero cost.

My business continually responds to customers wanting “steak” application features, but coming to the table with “baloney” budgets.

This has really always been the case, but the signal-to-noise between serious-minded buyers and buyers wanting everything-for-nothing is beginning to get deafening.

Regardless of what our perceptions are being trained up to be, delivering quality content of any stripe – performance, applications, knowledge, entertainment – was developed, incubated, curated, and executed – at a cost.

In most cases, significant cost.

And yet the perception in the marketplace of the interwebs is that there is always a free solution to any problem.  Or at least a solution that one can pay someone next to nothing to solve.

Expecting premium service, zero defects, and 100% uptime.

There will come a point when we collectively look around, and wonder where all the professionals went.

Why all we see and consume is substandard and shoddy.

Why the only stores that remain open in our towns are Walmarts, Home Depots, and Best Buys.

Don’t look now, but you’re soaking in it.

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