And That’s All I’m Gonna Say About That…

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you don’t know I attended the NASA Tweetup for the launch of Atlantis STS-129.

If you DO happen to follow me, then you’re sick of hearing about it.

So this is my wrap up of the last two days, with just a few parting comments.

  • Having been to a launch before, and having witnessed several from my home in Orlando, I was still taken by surprise at the emotion that swept over me at liftoff.
  • The sound of dozens of car alarms going off after liftoff was funny.
  • It was great seeing folks from where I grew up in Tennessee covering the launch.  Met the media crew from Middle Tennessee State University when we arrived.  Nice to hear people speak “without accents.”
  • NASA went WAY out of their way to accommodate everyone.  The event was very well run and the only real complaint of the two day event was the lack of wireless mics for Q&A with the GREAT speakers – and surprise guests – that we had.
  • Some of the speakers were more self-effacing than anyone would imagine.  And some could stand to be more so (google “Miles O’Brien Drinking Game.”).
  • Dara Torres doesn’t look like the oldest Olympian.  In fact, she is quite hot.

This is what I saw, and what I felt, at the culmination of what we were there for.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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