Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Ah, the running theme in my life this week – professionally and personally.

Conflict Resolution.

Many people mistake this for Conflict Avoidance.  Or Conflict Deterrence.

Make no mistake – conflicts are best handled by recognizing them when they occur, determining what the best possible choices are for resolving the conflict (hopefully, amicably), and taking action to see the resolution fulfilled.

How did I do this week?  OK in some cases.  Great in others.  Less than what I had hoped for in still others.

Even so, I consider all conflict resolutions to be positive, even when the outcomes are less than optimal for me personally.

Because it lessens by one the number of issues I must face moving forward, and I know that once I have addressed and handled a conflict it frees that energy up for the next thing coming down the pike.

I learned a lot this week through the ebb and flow of conflicts.  Much that I will use in my future dealings and interactions as a business manager, and as a person.

Though I do wish the ride along the waves in resolving life’s clashes of opinion was a little less tumultuous at times.

Looking forward to calmer waters – and mostly positive outcomes – this week.

One thought on “Conflict Resolution

  1. Hi David
    I like some of your comments.The Earth is round so conflicts are unlikely to just disappear, in fact more likely to come back again but bigger.
    I also like the Kilmann model whick looks at both the importance of the relationship and the importance of the outcome giving you a Strategy for the different combinations.


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